Google Camera App Arrives on Play Store [Update]

Google Camera App for Android

Update: According Android Police, the Google Camera app have some hidden features like burst mode, time lapse mode, wide angle mode and an advanced camera mode. Not only it has hidden video effects, but you can also set Photo Sphere as live wallpaper on your Android Kitkat device. 

Looks like, Android smartphone users are getting another treat from Google today. Company has released a new camera app dubbed Google Camera. It is now available to download on Play Store for the Android Kitkat users. This new camera app promises to offer new and better camera features on your Kitkat devices.

With Google Camera, company has introduced new creative picture modes which will allow you to have fun, even behind the camera. The first of these creative modes is a Lens Blur. It lets you capture SLR-like shots by focusing on subject, while blurring out the background.

Later on, if you want to, you can swap the focus to background. Lens Blur gives your pictures a shallow depth-of-field, with that your subject will get a good focus point.

Google Camera App - Lens Blur

Google Camera App – Lens Blur
Image: Google

The new camera app has a sleek design, which keeps your focus on subject and doesn’t distract you from capturing the perfect shot. With the 100% viewfinder, pixels will not drop out of the frame. The large capture button makes it easy to stay focused on subject, so you don’t lose sight of the subject.

Other Prominent features of Google Camera

Improved Panorama:

Google camera app features new improved panorama shots. Now, it allows you to shoot high resolution panorama shots, which gives your picture a great amount of detail.

Photo Sphere:  

Google has introduced this feature for quite a time now. Previously, it was available only on nexus devices. Now, you can grab this feature on any Kitkat enabled smartphone.

With Photo Spheres, you can look up, down and everywhere on an immersive 360 degree photo sphere. Now, it supports camera shots up to 50 megapixels. So, that you capture every single detail on it.

Are you an Android 4.4 Kitkat user? Then, try this new Google Camera app and get creative. 

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  • Kimberly

    Is that Google camera for Android 4.2

    • Vishal Toshiwal

      No, currently Google Camera support only Android 4.4 Kitkat devices.